Sand Sculpting as Corporate Team Building Activity

Over the past 10 years, the team at the Weston Sand Sculpture Festival (Team Orange) has developed a range of special team-building opportunities, which are internationally used as a tool to enhance team performance through fun challenges and learning opportunities. Many multi-national government bodies, institutions, non-profit organisations and charities as well as leading organisations in education and special services have experienced the value of our unique team-building experience.  All have gone away with positive vibes, refreshed spirit and fantastic photographs.  The only thing they leave behind is their masterpiece! Through monitoring, improvement and adaptation, the Weston Sand Sculpture Festival can create a bespoke experience that caters for all your needs.  We’d love to see you at the seaside!

Enhancing team performance

The objective of our creative sand sculpture program is to promote and enhance teamwork. During this process, all team members will learn to make the most productive use of each person’s capabilities and identify their qualities. This occurs via the act of discovery whilst working as team to create a masterpiece from design to execution. Teamwork, creativity and fun are the key ingredients.  By the end of the very physical and creative activity, each team is left with something they are very proud of, as long as they’re prepared to get their hand dirty!  The results are often very surprising, both in terms of the final sculpture and in highlighting sides of our colleagues we may never have seen before.

This provides each and every participant with a fundamental comprehension of the necessity of working together. This fosters mutual appreciation between not only the team members, but also between the different teams.  And if that isn’t enough, we will all get the chance to reflect over a BBQ or some traditional seaside fish ’n’ chips.
The rewards are plentiful!

The process of Building Sand Sculptures

We can focus the session on your business motto or strap line, maybe you have a new product or service coming out or maybe you want us to suggest something fitting.  Although we adapt to suit we always offer these principle elements:

  • Introduction
  • Guided Tour
  • Demonstration
  • Design session
  • Compacting a block of sand
  • Sculpting period with master guidance
  • Catering

For more information or detail please use this link to download our CORPORATE PACK or contact

We look forward to seeing you and your team on the beach!

Kind and Sandy regards,

Nicola Wood, Alec Messchaert and the rest of Team Orange