Sand Sculpting as Corporate Team Building Activity

Over the past 10 years, the team of the Weston Sand Sculpture Festival has developed a range of special teambuilding programs, which are internationally used as a tool to enhance team performance. Many multinationals, government bodies and institutions, as well as non- profit organisations and leading organisations in education have experienced the value of these programs. Through monitoring, improvement and adaption, the Weston Sand Sculpture Festival can compile tailor made programs for any team and context, anywhere, anytime….

Enhancing team performance

The objective of our creative sand sculpture program is to promote and enhance teamwork. This occurs via the act of discovery. During this process, all team members will learn to make the most productive use of each person’s capabilities and qualities.
Teamwork, creativity and fun are the ingredients for this fascinating activity.
Every team member fulfills different roles throughout the creative process; this team stimulation creates a very pleasing, and often surprising collective result. By the end of the event everyone has been involved in creating a work of art that all are very proud of.
This provides each and every participant with a fundamental comprehension of the necessity of working together. This fosters mutual appreciation between not only the team members, but also between the different teams, as they are able to recognize the contribution each team has made to the project as a whole.

The process of Building Sand Sculptures

Although the program is compiled to meet the client’s specific needs and wishes,
the basic structure does not vary. The process of building a sand sculpture always
consists of a guided tour through the festival, and designing of the sculptures
followed by compacting and carving the sand, as explained further in the downloadable Corporate Pack.

For more information and details

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
We look forward to seeing you and your team on the beach!

Kind and Sandy regards,
Nicola Wood & Alec Messchaert