With 20 years experience in organising team building events around Europe, we are now offering UK companies the chance to inspire and motivate their teams through unique sand sculpture workshops!

Sand sculpture is rare, exciting and dynamic art form that anyone can try. Indeed, most people already have when they built sandcastles on the beach as a child!

This demystification of the art of sculpture combined with the accessibility of the medium and tuition from our professionals allows your teams to indulge their creativity – leading to inspiring and surprising results. We work with you to design a session around your needs. If you have a particular problem that could benefit from exploring it in sand, or if you just want your team to express themselves in an unusual way (or simply get to know each other!), then let us design a programme to suit you. Your teams will first have to work together to build the foundations required for a sculpture. By the end of our session your team will have solved problems, worked together in a totally new way and created something to be proud of. For more information