Over the past 11 years we have celebrated Fairy Tales, The Continents of the World, Under the Ocean, Great Britain, The Jungle, Fun & Games, Hollywood, Once Upon a Time, When i grow up,  ”The Best of 10 years” and ‘Topsy Turvy’. Not only has the festival displayed some of the world’s most amazing sand sculptures, we have also become a family friendly, interactive event; giving you the opportunity to get involved. Our sculptors visit the site on a regular basis and create new pieces before your very eyes. Our team are on-hand to answer all those burning questions or take you on a guided tour. Hundreds of school groups now visit us and learn how to make their own class creations and more and more corporations book their teambuilding activity at the Weston Sand Sculpture Festival.

We also offer you the chance to become part of the sculptures on carefully placed podiums, an interesting take on the traditional seaside peep-hole photograph. Never a dull moment. We are here to please and if there is anything you want to share with us then get in touch. We listen to everyone and most of our best ideas have come from you, so keep them coming. Don’t forget we are on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!