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2018 marks 250 years since the birth of an art form. In 1768, on a busy road a stone’s throw from Westminster Bridge, Philip Astley came up with the idea of riding his horses in a circle while they performed tricks, rather than the old fashioned straight lines everyone else used. He invented a ring just for that purpose. Add in some jugglers and acrobats between the horses and voila – he had created modern circus, and would be remembered as its father through centuries to come.

To celebrate this anniversary cities all over the UK will be doing their bit to showcase the circus art form and we are joining them in the best way we know how…IN SAND!  Prepare your eyes for a feast of all things circus from acrobats to clowns and everything in between. The Weston Sand Sculpture Festival will be a part of the force with over 30 sand sculptures whipped up from of 5000 tons of Weston’s super-sand.

Alongside the sculptures will be photo opportunities, cinema experiences, workshops, play areas and seaside café – but this year we’re planning something extra, taking you on a journey through the history of the circus, the controversy it has caused and what we can do to support animal rights awareness.

The competition between carvers gets greater every year as they try to win you over for a £1000 prize.  The standard is high this year so use your power wisely in the competition area.

This year we are very proud to be teaming up with Circus250 – they are doing a wonderful job in enabling pioneering work, building new audiences and embedding circus at the heart of our culture – in the ground-breaking spirit of Phillip Astley and his circle.

Circus250 are not the only company that deserve a round of applause.  As usual, every year we owe a huge amount of gratitude to our sponsors and supporters.  Without the generosity of local hotels, restaurants and small businesses this would not be possible.  This is local support on a massive scale, thank you!

So without further ado we present to you our magnificent, sand infested circus and if we do inspire you to run away and join the circus this year please remember to come back next year and check out another brand new theme…watch this space!


Kind and Sandy Regards


Nicola, Alec and Team Orange




  • Fantastic to see, these artists are so talented. Such a lot of time & hard work has gone into this festival. A definite must see if you’re visiting Weston. Well done everyone

  • Just in weston super mare for the day and came across this. £4 to get in but well worth it. Unbelievable talent and amazed at what they do with sand and water. Only negative would be the “political statements” that some of the artists want to make….its sand….but if you do t read the descriptions too much you can just revel in the brilliance of the sculptures

  • Really good 3rd time I’ve seen them this year, hopeffully will see them again before end of season. Very talented people who make the sculptures. Highly recommend anyone who hasn’t seen them yet to go

  • Great, wasn’t sure about the price and if it was worth it but it so was. Amazing talent and gave so much information about how the sculptures were made. Topped off by the amazing and helpful staff who made the visit even more brilliant.