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We began 2019, perhaps like many others, with a question mark! There were lots of ‘what-ifs’ and uncertain ideas, as seems to be catching in this current political climate.  We all have questions without answers, curious about where the future could take us. Eureka! Along came the Weston Super Mare Sand Sculpture Festival’s light-bulb moment. What if this year’s sand sculpture theme was… WHAT IF?

WHAT IF … buildings were made of jelly?
WHAT IF … Donald Trump were Mexican?
WHAT IF … Dinosaurs returned?
WHAT IF … you were the only person on earth?

This year every sculpture will address a different question, from the obvious to the obscure, the past to the present and the desirable to the devastating.  This year we want to open your imagination, and we’re sure that we will.  With our usual array of activities you will get the opportunity to ask your own questions and vote for your favourite answers.

Burning questions at the ready?…

Let the games begin!


WHAT IF … here was a shortcut for the information of CORPORATE EVENTS  or SCHOOL VISITS?



  • Fantastic to see, these artists are so talented. Such a lot of time & hard work has gone into this festival. A definite must see if you’re visiting Weston. Well done everyone

  • Just in weston super mare for the day and came across this. £4 to get in but well worth it. Unbelievable talent and amazed at what they do with sand and water. Only negative would be the “political statements” that some of the artists want to make….its sand….but if you do t read the descriptions too much you can just revel in the brilliance of the sculptures

  • Really good 3rd time I’ve seen them this year, hopeffully will see them again before end of season. Very talented people who make the sculptures. Highly recommend anyone who hasn’t seen them yet to go

  • Great, wasn’t sure about the price and if it was worth it but it so was. Amazing talent and gave so much information about how the sculptures were made. Topped off by the amazing and helpful staff who made the visit even more brilliant.